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Ever wanted to look like a fitness compe

Dan was a skinny young 17 year old kid that was lucky to weigh 55kg by the time he finished school.

He was bullied throughout alot of schooling which in turn made him feel quite belittled and deep down very insecure. 


Since then, he's worked hard to get himself to the point he's at today and has claimed Magazine Features, Covers and WBFF Pro Status. Achievements everybody doubted he would ever achieve. 

With over 10 years experience he now applies the science and evidence of exercise, physiology and nutrition to his clients training and diet to help them overcome their own insecurites and to bring out the best of themselves. 

Here's what others have to say about Dan's Coaching and Shred Camp Program

Rated Excellent


Kim Taylor

"the best part about my fitness journey is the improvement in my mental health and positivity"

"I have just finished shred camp with Dan, before starting my journey I never thought I could get the results I have. I have suffered with depression and low self esteem since childhood. I also had injuries so was concerned I may not be able to train at 100%.

Dan was amazing so supportive and encouraging, even when I had my self doubt days. I am extremely happy with the way my body has changed, I no longer get terrible back pain. But the best part about my fitness journey is the improvement in my mental health and positivity. I feel physically and mentally stronger. It’s hard work, but if you want it badly enough you can do it.... the reward of a fun photo shoot at the end, helped me to stay focused and work hard."

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