Sick of spending countless hours in the gym, working out, swapping from one program to another and not seeing any progress despite all of your hard work?


Here at Dan Jones Fitness we apply the science and evidence of exercise, physiology and nutrition to our clients training and diet to help them achieve their goals.

We train beginners and those just starting their journey through to advanced athletes, and bodybuilders/fitness models. If you’re ready to get started enquire today.


We have proven time and time again that by applying the principles of strength training and nutrition in a scientific, yet real world manner, our clients can achieve outstanding results.

In your package, not only will you receive your one-on-one advice from Dan, but you will also receive the following:

  • Custom Strength Programs

  • Custom Nutritional Plans

  • Weekly Check – Ins

  • Assessments & Amendments to plans

  • 24/7 Support from your coach

  • Posing Coaching (competitors and photoshoot models)


Dan will tailor your training and programs according to your individual goals, abilities, experience, injury status and preferences, to ensure that your plan is both effective and realistic.

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